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New Aroma Rain Massage Replaces Rain Drop


After 16 years, Rain Drop Massage has been discontinued. In its place, is my own exclusive aromatherapy service that I have named "Aroma Rain Massage."

Some clients have asked why I have discontinued Rain Drop Massage. It has been a favorite of many for a very long time - including myself. The short answer is simply "for you."

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege to meet with Holly Draper, a certified aromatherapist and essential oil expert. She is the owner/developer of Purify Skin Therapy essential oils. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the differences between oil companies, oil quality, and delivery methods with her. Our discussions prompted me to research which essential oils were most often recommended industry-wide for immune support and overall health and wellness - which was the purpose of Rain Drop Massage. I also focused on 10 of the 11 major body systems - Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Integumentary, Lymphatic, Muscular, Nervous, Respiratory, Skeletal, and Urinary.

For many years, I have used Rain Drop Massage to promote overall wellness and provide helpful health benefits for clients. While I still believe there are positive benefits with Rain Drop as I have done it, I have also discovered less desirable aspects as well. Consequently, my research and testing, combined with Holly's input, directed me to design a new oil therapy that would have increased value, efficacy, safety, and benefits for clients. For YOU. A therapy that would truly provide immune system support, minimize back discomfort, and actually enhance overall good health and vitality.

I LOVE THIS NEW THERAPY. It consists of our own unique combination of Purify Skin Therapy single oils and blends that are applied along the spine, tops of the hips and on the feet. The oils are powerful without harming the body or irritating the skin. The application method provides more massage work on the back and the entire therapy flows seamlessly from one segment to the next. It is inspired body work!

I invite you to try the new Aroma Rain Massage. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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