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Berkana BodyWorks COVID-19 Protocols

Berkana BodyWorks cares about YOU, your health, and your well-being. The COVID pandemic brought change, stress, and uncertainty to our communities. We want to assure you that you have been at the forefront of our thoughts. We are committed to providing you with outstanding, therapeutic massage as we have always done. We will continue to utilize the high standards of cleanliness and sanitation that we have always used, and we have incorporated additional safeguards as well. After all, we were washing our hands long before it became "popular."

We feel it is important to reassure and remind you that you can receive massage during these on-going troubling times. We want to reiterate the various steps we take in our offices to maintain a superior standard of cleanliness. This standard creates a safe, healing, relaxing environment for YOU, our valued clients, as well as our therapists. We are in this together!

  • We schedule 30 minutes between massage appointments. Not only does this allow time to properly prepare for the next session, but it also minimizes the number of people in the office at a time.
  • While masks are no longer required, we respect personal masking preferences for both therapists and clients.
  • We wash our hands and forearms up to our elbows with soap and water after each and every massage.
  • Clean, laundered sheets, a clean bath towel and a clean face cover are put on the tables before each massage. We also place a disposable face cover over the top of the fabric face cover for an additional layer of protection.
  • Clean, laundered hand towels are used in every session. Our towels are heated in a towel machine that has a sanitizing UV light.
  • After the used sheets and face covers are removed, the table is sprayed with a natural disinfectant containing thyme essential oil, known for its effectiveness against bacteria and viruses.
  • Door handles and buzzers are periodically sanitized.
  • There is hand sanitizer in the waiting areas should you want to use it. However, we recommend washing your hands with soap and water.
Last, but not least, if you are sick or feel like you are getting sick - as has always been the case - we ask that you not schedule a massage until you are well. We also kindly request that you give us a 24 hour notice when possible. That enables us to offer the space to someone else.

Regular massage is a wonderful, healthful practice that can reduce stress and offer support to the immune system. Our offices strive to be calm, peaceful sanctuaries from the craziness that goes on in the world. We focus on faith, not fear. Life is good. There is much joy and happiness all around us. Of this, we have no doubt!

Wishing you blessings of health, happiness and MASSAGE!
Berkana BodyWorks

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