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Berkana BodyWorks

Utah County Spa & Massage Services

Spa Quality Massage Without The Spa Price™

Berkana BodyWorks is proud to provide professional massage therapy of the highest quality at amazingly affordable prices—without sacrificing the special touches, added details, and ambiance of a Spa Massage.

woman receiving spinal massage

Swedish Massage

$59 | $89 | $119

60 | 90 | 120 minutes hands-on

Our Signature Therapeutic Massage with complementary Peppermint Foot Wraps blends various techniques to relax the entire body, relieve common muscle tension and body aches and pains, decrease stress, enhance mental clarity, and increase circulation and lymph fluid flow. Pressure ranges from light to very firm. We call it Productive Pampering!

woman receiving shoulder massage

Deep Tissue

$69 | $99 | $129

60 | 90 | 120 minutes hands-on

Concentration on deeper muscle and connective tissue layers with firm pressure and slower strokes in order to relieve chronic pain, increase range of motion, reduce scar tissue restrictions, and eliminate deep muscular tension in "hurt so good" relief. Includes Peppermint Foot Wraps.​

Man and women receiving massage in bathrobes

Couple's Massage

$119 | $179

60 | 90 minutes hands-on

One of our most popular services, this is Productive Pampering x TWO! Our Signature Therapeutic Swedish Massage with Peppermint Foot Wraps blends various techniques to relax the entire body, relieve common muscle tension and body aches and pains, decrease stress, enhance mental clarity, and increase circulation and lymph fluid flow. This is a same room service - because that's what makes it a couple's massage. 

Promotional gift cards, coupons or other discounts are not accepted for Couple's Massage. 

pregnant woman receiving massage

Prenatal Massage

$59 | $89

60 | 90 minutes hands-on

A full-body Swedish style massage tailored specifically to the needs of a pregnant woman and her changing body. The use of the BodyCushion Pro System provides optimal comfort, support, and safety on the table. Sideline and semi-reclined positioning is also available after the 2nd trimester. Includes Peppermint Foot Wraps.

Thai Yoga Massage


60 minutes hands-on

Thai Yoga Massage is a fully dressed, full body treatment that utilizes various therapist facilitated yoga postures to stretch, gently twist and compress the body to increase flexibility and range of motion. Benefits include headache relief, reduced back pain, minimized joint stiffness, increased mobility and more energy. NOTE: Wear comfortable exercise clothing for the session.

massage cups being placed

Massage Cupping

$69 | $99

60 | 90 minutes

Massage Cupping is based on the ancient traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) healing modality of cupping. While traditional massage applies downward pressure to the muscles, massage cupping creates gentle suction to lift the tissue which rapidly increases blood and lymphatic fluid flow. It also loosens connective tissue around the muscles, minimizes scar tissue restrictions, smooths cellulite, and reduces inflammation. May include Peppermint Foot Wraps.

smooth black stones covered in dew

Hot Stone Massage


60 minutes

Our Hot Stone Massage promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the use of smooth, heated stones that "iron out" wrinkles and knots in fascia and muscle tissue. We don't just place stones on the body—we massage the body with stones. And it. feels. fabulous! Includes Peppermint Foot Wraps.

oil pouring from bottle

Aroma Rain Massage

Immune System Super Charge

$69 | $99

60 | 90 minutes

Powerful essential oils treatment for chronic back pain, boosting the immune system, and enhancing overall good health and vitality. Reformulated with our own unique combination of superior organic and wild-crafted single oils and blends from Purify Skin Therapy to increase its value, efficacy, safety, and benefits.

corked bottle of oil among leaves

Chakra Aroma Touch

$69 | $99

60 | 90 minutes

Cleanse and balance body energy through the use of Purify Skin Therapy chakra essential oils, gems, hot stones, and massage. Effective in freeing energy flow, dissipating energy congestion, facilitating stress relief, and improving mental focus. Feel like yourself again.

Dandelion seeds blowing at sunset

Emotion Code


45 minutes

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, the Emotion Code is a simple four-part process that’s designed to expose subconscious barriers that may be contributing to physical and emotional distress. Potentially harmful energies can be released in minutes, restoring emotional and physical balance.

peppermint clay on two feet


Our Treat for your Feet!

The Peppermint Foot Wraps are made with our own proprietary blend of foot freshening goodness. We combine several types of clay and high quality, 100% pure peppermint essential oil with other unique ingredients to make a natural (no harmful or yucky chemicals and preservatives), moisturizing, foot-friendly "mud" that coats the feet.

Once the mud is applied, the feet are wrapped in steamy, hot towels. The result is tingling, refreshing feet rejuvenation! ENJOY!

Berkana BodyWorks

Spa Quality Massage Without The Spa Price™


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