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Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Healthy Sweat! Our Infrared Cedar Saunas with Light Therapy can provide a wide variety of health benefits:

  • DETOXIFY | Infrared saunas can detoxify up to 7 times more than traditional saunas.
  • BURN | Studies have shown that an infrared sauna session can burn upwards of 600 calories while you relax.
  • ANTI-AGING | Infrared saunas stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone all over the face and the body.
  • HEALING | Infrared light has been proven to kill even the most resistant types of bacteria and germs, including those that cause the common cold.
  • RELIEVE | Infrared penetrates tissues, joints, and muscles to relieve aches and pains, stemming from overuse, strain, or repetitive motion.
  • RELAX | Infrared saunas can decrease cortisol and increase serotonin, which can reduce depression, anxiety and stress.
  • OXIDATIVE STRESS | Saunas can reduce oxidative stress which is associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer and degenerative diseases like dementia.
  • HEART HEALTH | Stimulates the circulatory system and oxygenates the cells of the body, while lowering blood pressure. The increase in blood flow can result in greater vitality just like a workout - without working out.
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What is Infrared?

Infrared is the invisible part of the sun’s light that is responsible for heat. Infrared light is divided into the near, mid and far infrared ranges. Each range has unique health benefits that can assist with detoxifying, healing, and renewing the body. The three infrared heat ranges are able to permeate the skin and deeper layers of tissue to increase sweat production for optimal effectiveness.

Infrared saunas warm the body internally, creating a more tolerable experience while detoxifying the body through sweating.


Our Health Mate Sauna’s innovative LED Color Light System is the first of its kind in an infrared sauna. Studies have shown the healing benefits of LED lights. Depending on your mood or need, you can set the LED Color Light System to a specific color or rotate through the colors for your light therapy needs. Light Therapy can be used with or without sauna heat.

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